Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Taking advantage of working fingers :D

Here are a couple of composition book covers I made to use the last of the floral fabric from my enabler friend Nancy :D  The crochet butterflies are from no-blog Trish!  These will go to Blue Hills :)

A few small completions - snowman bib (gift) and zipper bags (Blue Hills) - I still have a few more snowmen to finish up, but all the buttons are sewn on by hand so I take my time and do them as my fingers allow :D  

Here's what I worked on tonight @ Nancy's house - these are tiny little zipper pulls for bags I have completed or kitted to sew.  I only make these when my fingers are in good working order!  I ran out of lobster clasps so these will be completed when my ebay order (one of MANY, lol) arrives from China :D

(Edited to add - I just realized that I forgot to mention that the crochet flowers on the cherry bags [second photo] are from my favourite crafter's apprentice - Wendy!!!  Sorry about that, hon!)


  1. That snowman bib is sooooo cute!

    And I love the little cupcake buttons that you used on the flowers you put on the zip bags.

    Your beaded pulls are so pretty. I love the beaded book mark you gave me. In fact, it's doing it's job marking my place in the latest book I picked up from the library.

  2. Love the composition books! And those crochet butterflies are so sweet! Great work again Sandra, you get so much done!

  3. I didn't even notice! you could have claimed them as your own work!

  4. The book covers look great and the zipper pulls are pretty. Threading beads can be a bit fiddly.
    Well done :)

  5. Those notebook covers are really darling - and the snowman bib, beyond cute!! Glad your fingers were working good for you today. Mine are frozen....I'll have to find something to iron in the morning just to warm up. Love your beaded pulls!


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