Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coasting along ....

Quicky post because I'm on my way upstairs to make the bed (before anyone gets home, HAHA) and to get supper started, but of course I needed to sit at the computer for a few minutes before getting to work ;)

There are the 8 coasters I made today (the white/green ones), along with the 4 crazy coasters I made a few weeks ago - Christmas gifts done in January - who on earth knew THAT would be possible??!! NOT ME!!!

Sandra :D


  1. Love those Christmas bags!Think I may have had napkins that matched at one time! The coasters are cute too.Glad I stopped by for a visit. colleen in South Africa

  2. I made Christmas gifts in January too. My goal this year is to make Christmas gifts right after making the birthday gift for that person. So ... four January birthdays, four Christmas gifts made and put away. Wish me luck with keeping it up!


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