Monday, January 28, 2008

Fabricland shopping trip :)

I only went for TWO 1/4 metre pieces of red fabric for some 9-4 blocks I'm making for a friend. Hubby decided to leave me at the fabric store while he went to do some banking and get the car washed. It's his fault I bought 8 1/2 metres instead of 1/2 metre, lol. Everything was on sale, of course - the fabric cost me $33. That makes ... $33 + $36 so far in January on fabric ... $69. My goal this year is to spend no more than $500 on fabric --- that translates to $40/month. OOPS, over budget already ;)

Did a bit of sewing today - got 6 more Christmas coasters made, which used up the Christmas fabric I bought 2 weeks ago. Got 5 more crumb blocks finished - that makes 23, I think - I need 24 for each crumb quilt. I also got all the new fabric preshrunk/washed/dried so it can go down into the studio.

Tomorrow is a big day - our oldest son turns 19. Legal drinking age in Ontario! How the hell did he get to be 19 - I'm pretty damn sure that it was only 2 or 3 weeks ago that we brought him home from the hospital!!! I bet the farm he'll come home with his first case of beer, LOL. (OK, his first case of LEGAL beer). His special dinner will be - as per his request - chicken cacciatore, garlic bread and tiramisu. And beer, HAHAHA!


  1. Is 'anybody' hungover yet? Happy Birthday Nick!

  2. Hi Sandra.....
    My birthday was Jan 12 and my birthday dinner request was 'Chicken Catchatorie"....Love your son's taste!!!
    Jane Doe


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