Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Happy birthday, Shorty ... love you :) (maybe he'll let me post a picture later - I'll ask, lol).

I just finished up 2 9-4 blocks for a friend ... now I know why I like paper piecing or cutting blocks to size so much - piecing and getting accurate seams and block sizes is a BITCH!!! I hate 1/4" seams - they're too fiddly for me - I prefer larger 3/8" seams. I also prefer making blocks larger than required, then trimming them down to size. I didn't do that with these blocks, so they're not exactly square. Pat will have to trim them down when she gets them. However, they're done and they're not hideous, plus they're for a good cause - I'm sure I'll be able to post pics later when the project is finished :) Hope you like them, Spicy Patty Pat!! And I know the recipient will love the project :D

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to tell you that my Mother lives in Richmond Hill and she's an amatuer quilter (she's just really started).

    I think your quilt blocks look great! I'm SO not a quilter and I'm always amazed at those who are.




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