Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still waiting for the axe to fall ...

I haven't been sewing much because I'm so tired of the problems, but I sat down today to work on some stuff and other than the thread breaking once and two needles breaking (at a tough spot in a block), I had no problems. It makes no sense that I had so many problems for so many months, and in a heartbeat, the problems seem to go away, with no discernible reason??!!! I'm beyond puzzled!! HAPPY as hell, but puzzled!! I'm waiting for something to go wrong big-time, but until then, I'm LOVING being able to stitch almost problem free!! Still going to buy myself a backup machine, tho. It's too hard being without a machine when mine isn't working, or when it's in the shop. GOTTA SEW!! ;)

Today I made two Christmas gift bags (with an old Christmas tablecloth that has seen better days), a little coaster for my sewing table (because I always have a Diet Dr. Pepper on the go), and sewed together 3 rows of blocks on my purple crumbs quilt (6 rows now done, 2 more to go). A good day, to be sure, and it's only mid-afternoon! I'm going to get some housework done, and then I might try to get the last 2 rows assembled on the crumb top - the blocks are already made, I just have to put them together :)

OH! Found the most amazing tutorial yesterday --- the sweetest needlecase made by Khris, a blogger from Australia -- - isn't that the sweetest thing!!! I'm going to make one (or two ... or three!) - thanks for sharing Khris!!! If you have some time poke around her blog - it's great reading :)

Off to vaccuum - doncha WISH you were me! LOL!!!

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  1. OMG...great minds like ours ...soooo think alike! I found this too probably at the same time you did! I can't wait to make it..and the round coaster is so cute, as well as the gift bags...good job and my fingers are crossed for your machine to 'stay in line'.


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