Friday, January 25, 2008

Today's production line :D

This is what I've been working on today --- back row left is a crumb quilt that I'll be birthing with the fleece in front of it - thats's going to be my next UFO finish. Beside it is the purple crumb flimsy I finished up this morning (the alternating blocks are a deep purple, even tho they look blue in that photo). In front is another gift bag I made today - actually, it's an "envelope", and it's sized to fit a DVD. It velcro's closed. Beside that is another set of coasters I made for Christmas.

And because I'm just so damned efficient, I have a big batch of chicken cacciatore simmering away on the stove for supper - just waiting for hubby to get home before we eat :)


  1. Well Ms Efficient,
    You had a very productive day AND you put the food on the table.....
    Are you 'for hire'? without the 'attitude? lol

  2. I only come *with* attitude - so there! ;)


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