Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Kenmore - iffic :)

With all the problems I've been having with my Babylock I decided I needed a back-up machine. I advertised on craigslist and heard back from a few people, and ended up buying the above machine. In the pics it's just sitting in my kitchen which is where I had it set up for a test drive when Richard delivered it this morning. It works fine, and I'll have the boys take it down to my studio. It's a very basic machine with straight stitch and zigzag (and a few stretch stitches) - it says Kenmore 10 on the front, and the label on it says it's a model 12621. It came with a cabinet but I'm not sure I'll keep the cabinet - I have to see how things will get set up in the studio, then I'll decide :)

It cost me $60 (+ $15 for delivery - very reasonable) - I think it's going to work very well, and I'm very happy! Thanks Richard, and thanks craigslist!

Sandra :)

An hour later: I'm definitely not using it in the cabinet - I can't sit at it properly (thats one of the reasons my Babylock is also out of it's cabinet and on a tabletop - so I can sit centred where I want to be) - but the machine is SLOOOOOOW. The foot pedal should control the speed but it only seems to have one speed - SNAIL!! Must investigate - maybe the foot pedal needs to be cleaned ... or replaced? AARRGHHH!! It sews like a trooper tho - a SLOW trooper, LOL.


  1. He's purty, now he needs a Barbie.

  2. It's always nice to have a backup machine. I hope your figure out what's wrong with it.


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