Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shhhhhhhh don't say it out loud ...

My sewing machine has been working fairly well ever since Sunday night - I think witnessing me sobbing my eyes out affected it!!! I did nothing different and don't recall anything dramatic happening, but it feels like the timing or the needle or SOMETHING kicked into the proper position and the nesting problems have all but disappeared. I'm sure it's temporary and I'll be wailing again soon, but in the interim, I'm SEWING, woooohooooooooo!!! And checking for nests every 6" - isn't that sad? But necessary!!

Finished up my first UFO/donation quilt of 2008 - Purple Floral Crumbs :) It's 54 X 72", birthed with light green micro fleece. I did SITD quilting in the seams. Had to rip out quite a few feet of nests (from when the machine was wonky) which p*ssed me off, but it's done, it's soft, and someone will be able to snuggle under it :)

I've been sending stuff to a nearby shelter for a couple of years, but now I'm looking for somewhere else to work with - I know my stuff was appreciated, but I'd like to be a bit more hands on :)

One crumb down, 9 to go (and one more set of blocks almost finished for the 11th crumb quilt, LOL).


  1. Congrats on finishing up a UFO...or MIP(masterpiece in progress) as we call them.Wish I could stop myself from starting more....not finishing much! Colleen in South Africa

  2. sandra, love your crumbs! I think scrappy quilts are just the best! BTW, sorry to hear of your losses; you are indeed right, no way to start off a new condolences

    cityquilter grace

  3. Do you have to do anything different when you use fleece as a backing? I haven't made a large quilt yet, but I've been thinking of making them this way for my family members. I want them to be cuddled and used til they wear out. - Kathy at


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