Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby girls are now safe from droolage :)

Hubby and I had a wonderful road trip to Pennsylvania last week to visit our friend Mickie and her boys Seamus and Teddy :)  We had a lovely time, and will be back next fall, I think :D  Thanks Mickie!!  No photos, as I didn't have my camera, but the photo of the year would have been our trunk full of fabric from many fabric shop visits, LOLOL.  I'm not going to say a number ---> 84 yards!!!! <-- but I certainly found a lot of bargains! ;)  I cut out my first project tonight with some new fabric - hopefully I can finish and post it tomorrow (and I've saved the leftovers for ya, Nanc!) :)

In the interim, here are some bibs I finished for a sugar and spice box I'm working on :D  The intended recipient just LOVES flamingos!  NOT!!!  ;)  


  1. My goodness but you've been busy!

  2. So cute! I'm with Rae, you have been VERY busy, indeed!


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