Sunday, October 17, 2010

A holey doily becomes ...

I had a friend over today so I showed her how to make these notebook covers.  We repurposed a doily that has seen better days to embellish the cover!

I learned how to make handmade cording out of embroidery floss (or any appropriate material, really) using a "cording drill" (basically, a hand egg-beater with a hook on the end - totally genius, LOL!) - Nanc did 90% of the work but I got to keep the cord - HA!!!  I should be able to make my own now *fingers crossed* :)


  1. That cord idea sounds like a perfect one for a mini tutorial on your blog maybe??

  2. Great use of the doily! I want to see/learn cording! Tutorial sounds awesome!

  3. My dad is my twisted cord maker! I handed him the 4 page tutorial and went, "Thanks!" He's a good sport!


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