Friday, October 1, 2010

Pillowcase Thursday :D

Rainbow gift bags - I got the rainbow buttons for the yoyo flowers in the mail yesterday from China (so they're probably full of lead :/) - I'm just waiting for the rat tail cord to arrive for the drawstrings!

 Two more golf zipper bags :)

Halloween zippy - a gift :)

 The star of the show :)  I had to run them through the washer/dryer to make sure they'd come out nicely, and they did :)  Guess who they're for? LOL!!!


  1. great gifts! love the pillowcases did you adhere their names? You are now officially the button queen, can't believe you found some to match that fabric so PERFECTLY!!

  2. Pretty, pretty!

    Are those pillowcases for Aubrey & Noah, perchance ? ! ? ^_^

    Love the rain-bags!!

  3. Super cute but you spelled my name wrong! lol!


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