Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished selvage bag - major brain fart :D

When I made my first run at this Amy Butler swing bag I decided it needed pockets inside, and a loop/button closure.  Did I remember to do those changes when I finished this bag? NO!!!  FACEPALM!!!  I'll add some notes to my pattern so I won't forget next time, lol.  I'm glad I got the bag done in time for our trip to PA on Wednesday - I'm looking forward to showing off my selvages!

A couple of people mentioned suggested a cord making tutorial on a previous blog post - I have to try doing the cord on my own without my friend's assistance - if I manage it, I'll try to post some instructions.  Tutorial writing is actually a LOT harder than it looks, so don't expect a masterpiece, lol!  In fact - the next time you read and try a tutorial you've found online, be sure and send a big thank you to the author - those things take a LOT more time to prepare than you would expect!


  1. I like it! It's a great shape. Amy Butler has pretty patterns

  2. Great bag and finished in time! Have a safe trip and enjoy!!

  3. Well you could send that one to me and make another one with the little extra's you done it..hugs Khris

  4. Well you could send that one to me and make another for yourself with the extras you done girlfriend...I love it..hugs


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