Thursday, October 14, 2010

Canada Post SUCKS

I mailed a parcel to my sister - 356 kms away - on October 8 (a Friday). She's in Ontario as well.  She still doesn't have it.  My friend in Alabama mailed me a package on October 9 (a Saturday) - 1,982 kms away - it arrived today.  Her parcel weighed more than mine, and cost $2 less to mail. 

Canada Post you should be ashamed, especially when you tell me constantly that parcels within Canada take a minimum of 6 business days to be delivered unless I pay EXTRA over your already exhorbitant rates.


  1. Lol! Yes they do. I wanted to mail an Olympic sweatshirt to Ian in Australia and it was going to cost me $172 if I wanted it there before the Olympics were over, if not only $127, but then I had the option of sending it by sea, and taking 3 months to get there for $67. To hell with them ... I mailed it from Florida when we were there and it cost me $19 and he received it 5 days later. Needless to say Canada Post isn't my favorite.

  2. They really do need to take a lesson from the U.S. postal service -- their rates are so much lower and service so much faster. I think our post office should be renamed Canada Storage as they seem to store our mail for some period of time before bothering to deliver it!
    I usually use UPS for things -- at least that way I know they'll get to the recipient. Just do NOT trust Canada Post at all!

  3. You know the only time I have ever had things go missing in the mail is when I have posted to I totally agree that Canada Post sucks.
    LOL...hugs Khris

  4. Hey!

    I share the same sentiments too. I sent a parcel to singapore by surface and it was scheduled to arrive latest last week (8th week). However, it is already the 9th week and i still receive no news. I really regret using the services of canada post.



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