Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The miners in Chile ...

are only hours away from being pulled up, one by one - I'm watching the story on the news, crying my eyes out (with hope).  Please let those men make it up alive.  Today is the day!  They've been down there since August 5 - there will be such a HUGE celebration tonight as those men are reunited with their families!  Say a little prayer if you will, that they all make it safely out!

10:19 EST:  Phoenix begins controlled descent!!!  Be safe, you brave man!
10:36 EST:  Emanual Gonzalez (sp?) has arrived in the mine ... the miners are hugging him - OMG!

10:53 EST:  Florencio Avalos (sp?) will be the first miner to go up.  Someone is in the capsule but we're not sure who it is!  Florencio's family is waiting for him up there ...oh look - someone is waving the Chilean flag - we see you, buddy!!!!
10:56 EST:  the capsule is headed up with the first miner!!!!!!  The crowd is going to be hysterical when he hits the surface - I hope they let his family be first in line to greet him!  The news headline:  1st of the 33 miners now ascending the mine.  SUCH GOOD NEWS!
11:05 EST:  The siren just sounded - I think the first miner is nearing the surface.  People are looking down into the shaft, and his family is right there waiting to see him.  That big wheel (winch) is moving steadily - so reassuring!  (And the Chilean Prime Minister popped a hardhat onto the first miner's 8 year old son Byron - such a cutie!).
11:10 EST:  the capsule just arrived up with the first miner.  The crowd is clapping, I'm crying, the miner looks rather befuddled, Byron is crying ... the miner is out!  HE'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  His little boy is hugging him - omg this is a miracle.  I hope the other 32 miners (and the rescuer) are all safe as well. I'm going to bed now, and I hope I see double digit rescue numbers when I wake up tomorrow :)

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  1. We're watching it too -- and practically holding our breath that this rescue goes off without a hitch.


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