Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's done :)

29 X 38" of watermelony goodness :) This will go on my kitchen table for the summer ... or maybe on the cabinet in the front hall - I'll have to audition it to see where it wants to be ;) Pattern from Suzanne's Art House @ http://www.suzannesarthouse.com/
- I'll also be doing her Log Cabin Pumpkins!

Next project up - Claudia Hasenbach's Magnolias ... for spring ... plus burp cloths for C4C, plus I need to finish up one of my crumb quilts for March (I want to finish one each month of 2008). I also need to finish up my Cabana Boys project ... and my flamingo valance ... hmmmmmmm the list is very long, LOL. Oh well - one down, and a multitude to go!

Edited 11:15 p.m. to add: I just finished up 6 more bibs for C4C - this used up the last metre and a half of a stash piece of flannel. I used snaps instead of velcro - I'll be doing more snap items for sure!


  1. That is so yummy! Great job. Juju

  2. Its absolutely lovely! great job!


    Den är underbar. Bra jobbat!


  3. Your watermelon quilt is wonderful! Looks so much like spring!

  4. great sites listed in your blog- thank you
    is there a site for the bib pattern/


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