Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wee Houses - Completed :)

WOOHOooooooooooooooo I finished Wee Houses tonight - I can mail it off on the weekend :) It finished up to 25" X 25" - if you look in the window of the label on the back, there's a picture of a curly-haired redhead in it ... HA!!! SELF-PORTRAIT!!! The recipient will love it, I'm sure :)

Next up - Watermelon Picnic :) The fabrics are gathered, the paper pieced pattern has been drafted and printed, and I'll start it tomorrow :) This is the pattern ...

Also next up --- Magnolias, by the delightful Claudia Hasenbach in Germany. I bought this pattern and will start it as soon as I can get the fabrics. This will be a project for spring - Watermelon Picnic is for summer :) Here's the pattern -
doesn't she do lovely work? Claudia you're AMAZING!!!!!!!


  1. WOW, that turned out cute, and your friend will love it! BTW, I must be blind, where are these tucks and pleats, LOL! Juju

  2.'s sooo cute....she will love it!...I can't wait for the watermelon!

    84 miles of neighborhood dogs, 84 miles of dogs... (great going)

  3. love your wee houses!!!!

    have to check the claudialink... are the patterns still for free?

    meatballhugs from hot cajun in sweden...


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