Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't get too close ...

I don't want you to catch my cold :p I started getting sick on Tuesday, thought I was dying by Wednesday, decided I *might* live by Thursday, and now I'm starting to feel better, so I think I might make it! Thank God it wasn't that awful 3-4 week long sickness that so many people are enduring - I heard yesterday (or today? it's fuzzy, lol) that a dear friend in Sweden (hi, Spicy Tina!) was sick for FOUR WEEKS!!! Thats a long damn time!! I spent most of my incarcerationillness dozing on the couch with the tv on and the cat laying on top of me - it's not a bad way to spend the day if thats all the energy you have ;) No pictures today - I don't have the energy to go down to the studio to find my camera, lol.

Later in the evening: I just finished sewing the watermelon seeds onto the 4 appliqued melons. I made these "buttons" from polymer clay - they worked out GREAT! Tomorrow I'll put the ones on the middle melon and then I can get to work sandwiching and quilting. Almost finished!

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