Monday, March 17, 2008

Watermelon Picnic - Top is quilted ...

The thread broke every 6". What a time I had. I don't know why it kept breaking - I wonder if I'm missing a step during the threading process (no manual, but I'm sure I found an online thread guide to follow, when I first borrowed the machine) - the thread always seems so loose. Lately I've been sewing with a filled bobbin instead of a spool - that seemed to work for regular stitching - maybe I should have tried it for the freemo stitching as well!! Anyways - apart from a few minor thread nests on the back, and several places where the thread is very loose in between normal stitches (???!!!) - overall - not bad. Tomorrow - BINDING!

P.S. Notice that the close-up shows the stitches, but not closely enough that you can see that they're far from uniform, LOL. OOps, did I say that out loud? :)


  1. :) no, you didnt say it out loud, it was in your thoughts.

    it looks great, you know where to send it, dont you?

    have a great day.

  2. It's probably your tension on your machine. That is usually what causes problems like that.


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