Friday, March 7, 2008

A girlfriend sent me a link to a cooking blog today - I popped over and within 5 minutes (OK, more like TWO damn minutes!) I was elbow deep in oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough - I found the recipe on the new site, and HAD to make it. Yes, I said HAD TO!! I was compelled ... no, don't look at me like I'm crazy :p The recipe makes about 14,762 cookies --- in dozens, that would be
about 7 or 8 :) Oldest lad and hubby have already dug into them, and youngest lad is at work or he would have joined them. GOOD RECIPE, ladies!!! Lovely site too - after supper I'm going to poke around more thoroughly. The blog authors (is that the right word?) are from my home province of Manitoba - how cool is that?!

2 more watermelon blocks today for my tablerunner, and 3 more bibs for C4C. I pretty much finished off a remnant scrap of flannel (cost me 50 cents, as I recall, haha) :)

The damn snow BEFORE the "36 hour snowstorm" that's headed our way. What - Mother Nature didn't think we had ENOUGH of this white CRAP??!??!?!

Hours later: I'm such a dodo!! I forgot to post the url of the fabulous recipe website --- - the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies are blogged on March 4/08. Great blog!!


  1. So glad that you liked your cookies, and thank you so much for the comments on our blog. We're both crafters that like to spend time in the kitchen. I can sew, but boy, not like you! Amazing work, Sandra! I've added your blog to our links, hope that is OK! :)

  2. Sandra, you've got an amazing blog! You're such a sweetheart for trying out some of our recipes and posting about them AND adding pictures, thanks so much! It's always nice to be another Manitoban. :)
    Have a great day!


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