Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weird husband tricks, C4C and a Quiltathon :)

I found this in the camera - I had forgotten I took the picture - one night for supper I made a big roasted ham, baked herbed potatoes, corn, and dill tea biscuits. This is what my husband did with his food - this is what he ALWAYS does with his food. Whatever we're eating, pretty much is what he'll put on any kind of bread/bun/biscuit he can find. It was cute the first two times he did it. Now I generally want to slap him upside the head with his sandwich and tell him to EAT LIKE AN ADULT!!! However, this is pretty much the most annoying thing he does, so I can't complain too much :D

Today I was participating in a "Quiltathon" hosted by Judy Laquidara ... I just finished up a baby quilt for C4C, and a bib to match :) The quilt has a few "puffy" blocks (I hate when that happens), but other than that, it looks pretty cute. The backing is a fleece blanket I got at Salvation Army for about $3 --- it was big enough to make 2 baby quilts and 3 bibs (the back of the bib, I mean)! I'm very happy to have gotten this quilt finished - THANK YOU JUDY for getting me off my butt!! Here's the blog link from her site ...

I'm not sure if I'll get anything else done - I have some housework to do, and hubby and I are going out for dinner. But - the baby quilt is done and I'm soooooooo happy!!


  1. Thank you for participating. I'd love the recipe for those Dill Tea Biscuits! Sounds very interesting.

  2. Oh, the husband thing, now that's funny. The flip side of it is my hubby, who doesn't eat bread. This means that I can rarely get away with feeding him a sandwich. It's always real meals for him. But, like you, I'm lucky that he's a good guy and doesn't have worse habits to deal with.

  3. Hi.
    Im participating to, only morningpics in my blog, have done almost one row on the DWR today :)

    baked some teabisquits this morning, watched Vasaloppet on television...

    have a great day

    are you expecting a baby? its a nice quilt and bib...



    here is a pic on my newly baked teabisquits ;)


    I've had a contest on my blog tonight... "who writes comment nr 5.000?" o m g ... *lol* people wrote comments like crazy...
    time for bed now, have a great day my dear friend..


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