Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalypse? WHAT snowpocalypse??!!

Here just north of Toronto we had some snow fall - the kids were off for the day as (trade) school was cancelled - they shovelled the driveway 3 times, and that was about the extent of Snowpocalypse here!  I wish it were that easy for everybody else, but I know it's not, so everybody - stay warm, stay safe and STAY HOME!

Projects completed so far in February:

5 golf zipper bags for my favourite purchaser :D
2 Christmas zippies - using up the tail end of the snowman fabric trim on the front, the green lining and the last of that piece of denim (recycled from DS1's worn out jeans, lol).  These will be Christmas gifts :)

Finally, another gift (or rather, PART of a gift, hehe) - 2 gift bags (using up the last of the snowflake fabric) :)


  1. Projects completed SO FAR IN FEBRUARY? Sandra, it's the 3rd of February. Morning on the 3rd!

  2. Oh Sandra, I can just see you in December, feet up and sipping a Dr. Pepper, laughing the rest of us who are chained to the sewing machines... I finished the scarves!


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