Monday, March 5, 2012

Ironing board caddy :)

I pinned this tutorial a while ago and decided to make the project for a friend's birthday.  I typed up this post a few days ago but couldn't post it until I gave N the gift, which I did today - I think she liked everything :D

I picked up the vintage print fabrics during our last trip to Joanns:

Thread catcher with pincushion


Pocket end


Gripper fabric on the back

Vintage fabric scraps packed up to send along with the caddy ;)

I think I'm going to make one of these for my own ironing board :)


  1. Awesome gift, and I am the lucky girl who was given this amazing ironing board caddy. Love it! It is already installed and filled with all the things I need right there. Thank you so much Sandra! You are the bestest friend!

  2. Someone's going to love that little gifty!!!

  3. I've been ironing while piecing a quilt tonight piling threads on the corner and pins all over. This is a great idea! Now if you could come up with something to keep me from tipping the iron off the board I'll be all set.

  4. Its lovely! But you made me forget Nancy's birthday - I didn't even know it was her birthday! naughty Sandra!


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