Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last finishes of March :)

 These are blocks I made for a sew-along that starts on Monday - I decided I wanted a different focus design in my zig zag tote, and this is what I came up with - mine will be a log cabin tote :)

 Boxy bag using some beautiful floral fabric my sister gave me :)

 This yummy floral corduroy was a remnant I got @ Joanns during one of my Buffalo runs last year - it made for a lovely pouch :)

 Thank you Miss Mickie for the fairy scraps you gave me during our last visit - they made for a perfect girly messenger bag!  I added a velcro closure and a pretty shell button to the flap :)

This monkey messenger bag is an Easter gift for a 4 year old boy - it has a magnetic snap on the flap, and of course, a monkey bag needs a monkey button to be considered complete :D

ETA:  my husband and oldest son voiced their opinion that the monkey bag is too girly for a boy - they didn't buy the "but ... but ... but it's a MESSENGER bag!" theory.  I'll save it for a girl and make something manlier for the young lad --- maybe something with farts or boogers or something ;)

A few minutes later - the third guy, aka DS2, just gave me his opinion, and he agreed with the other 2 guys - too girly, LOL.  I've been outvoted by testosterone!!!  :D


  1. Wow! you have just been burning up the sewing machines, eh? Are those needles working out for you? My personal favourite is the monkey bag -- but monkeys are always a winner in my book!

  2. I totally agree with all 3 of them. Too girly! :D

  3. I've just come back from NYC. Lots of regular looking guy carry bags there. I do hope that starts filtering out to the rest of the world! I always feel sorry for guys having to stuff everything in their pockets.

  4. I love those log cabins - the colors are awesome! Your pouches are great, I use my pouches you made for me every day. And the messenger bags are AWESOME....too girly? Well, maybe. Possibly if you square the flap it will look more masculine...and maybe some cammo fabric, although farts and boogers are always a good choice for boys!

  5. Lovely bags, I'm loving the messenger bags, they're such a great shape. Do you ahve any fabric with farts on it??


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