Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A very colourful day :D

These came in the mail for me yesterday from my favourite Etsy seller.  50 X 14" zippers cost me $26 with shipping - this size is about $1.48 out the door (or about $1.20 during the members sale) from Fabricland, but F-land's colour selection is limited - I can't even get my favourite colours there - lime green and hot pink :D

Here's the first thing I'm making to take advantage of my lovely stash of bright and fun zippers - I suspect the lovely Katherine knows what's coming!  ;)


  1. WOW! lots of zippers in wonderful colours.
    I have just made my first necessär, very pink with lots of hearts.
    not so perfect as yours.

  2. True to your word, you said as soon as those zips arrived you would dive into orange and pink! lol

    Looks good so far - such fun colours and you know I love scraps. :o)

  3. Any other color zippers you want? There is a bit of room in that scrap pack I'm putting together for you.
    Been trying to keep up on blog reading, I've gotten behind.

  4. Do you use a lot of zippers? :-)

  5. I have zipper envy;-)
    Just checked out the Etsy site. Those kaleidoscope zipper pulls are also gorgeous.


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