Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In the pipeline :D

 This is a baby quilt I'll be working on later - I had to check something so I threw the blocks up on my design wall (aka a sheet of foam insulation, LOL). 

 This is the beginning of the UFO I'm working on now - another baby quilt :)

 Two zipper bags I've recently completed - the one on the right needs a beaded zipper pull - will work on that tomorrow.  Those fabrics were bits and pieces of scraps I bought in a scrap bag @ a quilt store in Pennsylvania last year!

Here are the backs of the above zipper bags - this is a lovely piece of floral fabric my sister sent me for Christmas - it's PERFECT for these bags!

 I made this bag to use up the last of the reclaimed denim from my husband's work jeans :D  I've been trying out the decorative stitches on my vintage (but fairly new to me) Singer 411 :)  It doesn't have a wide variety of stitches, but it'll do!!!  ;)

This is the lining of the above denim zipper bag - Tigger :D

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  1. Sandra, you ALWAYS make me feel like a slug, lol - these are just wonderful!!! Those zipper bags are awesome, love the colors and the back fabric!


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