Wednesday, March 28, 2012

iLANT = iBling :)

My DS[ister] gave me some blingy supplies last year - I finally girded my loins to LANT (learn a new technique) and added some sparkle to a pouch I made :)  More of THIS in my future, that's for sure! 

 Here's a pouch I whipped up with some leftover bits and pieces from a similar bag I made for a young lad.  This one has a Shrinky Dink construction cone zipper pull :D

And here we have a tote set made to use up the last of some denim and the heart fabric that I used for the lining and straps.  I actually made 2 zipper bags but one of them got a dirty smudge from my iron - I was unable to get it out so *poof* out of sight, out of mind into the Goodwill box.  It isn't HORRIBLe, it's just not as nice as I would like.  Someone else may not even notice the spot, but it's pretty much all I can see when I look at it, lol.


  1. Beautiful - love that crochet flower too!

  2. Lots of fun pouches! I love the bug fabric on the first on.

  3. Who doesn't love bling? I will put glitter on anything that sits around long enough. Love all you stuff as always!

  4. Gorgeous! I think I recognise that crochet flower... Did you use one of those stick on gem tool things? My mum gave me one but I've yet to try it!


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