Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mystery project completed :)

 Here we go - the mystery project I posted about yesterday, completed :)  It's a kids messenger bag - I've never made one before!  The tutorial is here - it was very easy to follow :)

Here's a view of the inside - the outside of the flap was supposed to be the blue lining fabric, but I got things reversed a bit - will correct it on the next one :)
It's a smallish bag as it's for kids, but it can hold 5 DVD's perfectly :)

Here's what it looks like from the side.  I made a couple of changes to her tutorial:  instead of using interfacing on the outer layer I quilted the fabric with batting.  If I had been using denim as she did, it might have had enough body to stand on it's own.  But the quilting weight fabric needed a bit of help to give it enough body :)  I also added a velcro closure to the front so the flap wouldn't flap open (pun intended) :D

Here are a few more recent finishes:

 These fabrics were from scrap bags I bought from a quilt store in Pennsylvania last year.

Here's what I used for the back - this luscious print was picked out and given to me by my sister for Christmas last year :)

Here's a Bah Humbug pouch - an early finish of a Christmas gift ...

and here are a couple of "use up some bits and pieces" zipper bags - these will go to Blue Hills. 


  1. With all the DVD players in cars now this is a great idea! It could hang over the headrest by the handle. The velcro is a must, too. These will be popular.

  2. That is the cutest bag, Sandra, I'm saving the tutorial! Really, really cute. Love the rest too!!!

  3. That is so cute I may have to make one for Ally as a purse. she might like it. Easter and all coming. great bags as usual

  4. So cute! Nice job, missy. I think this is a possible present for my nephews, especially the one who loves to do origami in the car. I am not kidding...


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