Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mannequins and a pillowcase :)

Nancy and Amanda came over last night for a sewing hen party - my husband calls it a chicken party, and when Nancy rang the doorbell, he announced to all at large ... "One of the chickens is here!"  :D 

Veggies and dip and cookies were eaten, tea and diet Dr. Pepper were drank, 3 sewing machines were put through their paces, and productivity was, as per usual, not very high, LOLOL.

Amanda's pincushion


 Nancy's evening didn't go quite as smoothly as one might wish for - her mannequin  needed a bit of sculpting to trim her down from gym teacher Brunhilda to sexy Marilyn Monroe :D

She did manage to fix my scissors and my dinosaur stuffy, so all was not lost!  She said she would finish her pincushion today, and I expect she did just that :)

I made a pillowcase (for Blue Hills) and worked on the dinosaur :D  Not exactly record-breaking productivity, but we sure did have fun, LOL!


  1. Fun, that is the most important part. Sounds like you had lots.

  2. You gals sound like you had the perfect night!

  3. It does sound perfect indeed!

  4. That does sound fun girl, and I LOVE that pincushion - *swoon*

  5. Wow, amanda's pincushion is fab! So is Nancy's as it's more realistic, more the shape of me than Amanda's! That is cute fabric on the pillowcase. I'm glad you girls had fun whilst I was sewing alone at home... sob...


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