Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Begin ... rant about car dealer in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

May 2011 - less than a week after we got the brand new car it needed to be floated back to the shop as it broke down, and the mechanics didn't know that it has 2 gas sensors instead of 1.  The loaner car, which we had to ask for - was a soccer mom van.  Not a great substitution for a rather sporty vehicle.    Hubby didn't complain, but I think they should have given him something more appropriate.  
We have 2 "fobs" that start our car.  One wasn't working - it registered a "fob not found" error.  The dealer - MacIver Dodge in Newmarket, Ontario - informed hubby that they had never heard of such a problem (I guess they haven't heard of a little thing called The Internet, where a quick search certainly shows that the problem DOES exist).  When the problem continued and hubby called back they said to bring it in, they'd put it on the computer and see what the problem was.  He took in both fobs tonight (as per their request) - THEY LOST MINE!  They lost it, then said ... oh, did you give us 2???  !!!   This isn't the first time their service has been less than stellar - I think I'm going to have to give them their own tag and start keeping track of the problems - I do hope they call and ask our opinion of their customer service, as I definitely have an opinion about THAT! 

Signed, the fobless woman!

Edited to add --- they found my fob, and replaced both of them.  Despite the warranty we had to PAY to have them reprogrammed.  Only one fob was broken, but we still had to pay to have both of the new ones recoded - doesn't seem right, but at least we have 2 working fobs now! 

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  1. Nothing worse that being stuck with a bad car dealer. Can you take the car to another dealer? It sounds like that might help. We lucked out with our Honda dealer. That's why we own two of them:-)

    We also have a 2004 Dodge truck that has been wonderful. It's a crap shoot, though, isn't it.


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