Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bug quilt finished :)

Here's the baby quilt I finished yesterday - it measures about 40" square, and is backed with navy blue minky.  This is the "cropped" version ...

... and here's the uncropped version, LOL!  Hey - it's sunny and warm and definitely clothesline season!

The neighbours whose house you can see in these photos, have just had solar panels installed on their roof.  A news crew was here this morning to film a story about them - I wonder if hubby's tighty whities (well, blueies!) will be on the news tonight? ROTFL!


  1. That is adorable, and it looks so great in the sunshine, yay! Solar panels - how I would love to have those.

  2. What a bright and colorful little quilt... love it!!

  3. Love this--I mean the quilt. (The undies are fine, too. But, as you well know, after washing for two boys and the husband, men's underwear lose their appeal;-}) I've not used minky for a backing yet. Is it difficult to work with?

    My igoogle page doesn't always update with new posts for some reason. The last post listed for you was, "a very colorful day." I was beginning to think you were off on vacation! Most go check out the other posts.


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