Friday, August 3, 2012

Flex frame bag - another "pin" completed :)

I recently bought some purse frames from a new-to-me seller on Etsy --- Tania @ frameyourbag was lovely to deal with, and delivery from Portugal was only about a week!  I tried one of the flex frames today on a bag made from this tutorial :)  The pattern printed out a bit smaller than it was supposed to, and I didn't measure the "this should measure 3.75" warning, so I had to throw out my first attempt as the body was just too small for the casing.  OOPS!  :D

Tutorial here :)
I photocopied the pattern at 115% to make it a bit easier to work with and this is the result - pretty cute!  I can't wait to make it in some fun fabrics - I have 9 more frames to play with, lol! :)


  1. Never heard of these before but they are very nifty. Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, BTW- love the doily idea in your last post. I wonder if you could use a pretty bit of a vintage handkerchief?

  2. Such a cute, little purse and just the right size to tuck in a handbag.

  3. Oooo! Glad to see your frames arrived. That is a really cute shape. Next stop --- the strawberry, and then THE PEAR! I hope you pinned those pins, otherwise, you have no idea what I am talking about...


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