Friday, October 15, 2010

Gotta love cupcakes :)

 Isn't this sweet fabric?  Pun intended!  I picked it up at Hobby Lobby when we were in New York a few weeks ago - I should buy some every time we go Stateside, lol.  These are for a 'cupcake order' :D

My first Amy Butler "Swing" bag.  I thought the bag as per the pattern was going to be too large, so I reduced the size to about 75% to make a trial run.  Too small, LOL.  Next time around I'll make a few changes:  it has NO pockets (??!??!  WTH!) so I'll add some, and it definitely needs a closure of some sort - button and loop, I think. 

I originally bought the pattern so I could copy a project I spotted one day in my surfing - tonight I started my version of the bag - hopefully I can get it done in time for our trip to PA next week!  Will post some pics in another post :)

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  1. HATE Amy Butler patterns. I have two ~ the bags on the cover are adorable but her directions are crazy! She writes books on something that should be so simple. Every time I take the pattern out, read through it and then put it away! You are a better person than I am! The bag looks great by the way.


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