Saturday, December 6, 2014

A very small parliament of owls :D

Beading is fun - the simple kind where there's a tiny polka dot on a fabric and you stitch a bead onto it - it's how I embellished this parliament of bags ;)  Hopefully you can see the beading on these - it's quite pretty, if I do say so myself :)  The quilting is great too, but was hard to photograph since it matches the fabric background!

"Handmade" labels added to the lining
Close-up of the labels :)

Owl #1 - 9 3/4" x 6 1/2" - lined with the green that I used for the tab on the side :)
Here's a close-up of the beading - you should be able to see the gold beads, and the eyes are done in red beads :)
Bag #2 - 9 1/4" x 7", also lined with the green tab fabric :)

Close-up of the beading - this particular owly has black seed bead eyes :)

Chocolate will be tucked inside,and these two bags will be gifted to my lovely aquafitness teachers - such stern taskmasters they are ;)  Just kidding - they're darling young ladies :)  I made the beaded zipper pulls in different colours so the girls wouldn't get them mixed up at work :D 

[X] Another gift crossed off the list :)


  1. They're really beautiful ! The labels are great too !

  2. The beading is an awesome way to embellish the fabric, Sandra. Seed beads are so fiddly to work with. I've done it once and ended up with beads everywhere.

  3. I'm sure you can make these pouches in your sleep now. It's perfect I adore the fabric and it will be even better with chocolates inside.

  4. Very pretty! I'm wondering about the zipper pull… what kind of string did you use?

  5. The bead work is the perfect touch. Yet another fantastic finish!

  6. These are gorgeous Sandra, I love the beads!

    Thanks for linking up to Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too.

  7. Your pouches are beautiful Sandra. I love the beading detail. Thank you for linking up to Ho Ho Ho And On we Sew. Marie x (


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