Thursday, December 4, 2014

Penguin/bird bags finished :)

I made these bags as a little Christmas gift for our oldest son's neighbours - they have 3 daughters who like to bake Christmas treats and share them with my son :)  The pattern is from Stubbornly Crafty - I got it at her Etsy shop (NAYY) - I hope she comes up with some more critters because this design is CUTE!  The finished size is about 9"w x 7"t :)  It's not very clear in the photos in the bottom row but I did random quilting on the back of each one - wavy lines and some decorative stitches - it looks quite sweet, IIDSSM!

I made shrink plastic zipper pulls with each girl's name so when they get the gift, they can pick their favourite bag and add the personalized zipper pull.  I'm going to get some pretty lip balm and tuck one in each bag, along with some chocolate.  I hope they'll be pleased with their gifts :)


  1. I LOVE these bags. Well done! I betcha Nick isn't the only one gifted with treats.

  2. These are absolutely adorable Sandra, the girls will love them!

  3. They are adorable! Don't trust Nick to give them to his neighbour though, he'll steal one for himself.

  4. Okay lady, just what are you taking to get all this work done??? I am so jealous! I can't even get my foot in the sewing room lately.

  5. I am sure the girls will be super pleased with their zippies. They are ADORABLE, especially the red gingham one!!!

  6. OMG!!! I want to be your neighbor. They're gorgeous.


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