Thursday, December 11, 2014

Still sewing!

Into every day some sewing must fall - at least - if it's going to be a good day ;)  I wish I could say the same about housework, but alas - NO.  Just NO.  :) 

More Bedbuggs sharks finished - these are a Christmas gift for my 3 little neighbours across the street  :)

Here are gift sharkies with their friend, the funniest shark kid book in the world :D

Drawstring gift bags - each 9.5" x 13" :)  Posted originally to MM#16 :D  I stitched these up then promptly packed the beaded owl zipper bags in them, to gift to my aquafitness teachers
[X] Another gift done ;)

And now, just for fun, our oldest, being a goof. He's been over to visit several times in the last few days, and as usual, has been very entertaining :D

 Nick posing in long underwear (I made him take his work pants off when he got here after work, as they were filthy and I didn't want him grubbing up my furniture or carpets!!) and a new work coat - sorry about the winter yellow background - ugly! 
Here he's NOT shoveling his driveway after the first huge snow of the season!  Well - he shoveled most of it - then decided it was time for a beer break - he had his Blackberry in his pocket so he shot a photo and sent it to me "on the fly" :) 
Not just a strawberry blonde, but a strawberry blonde strawberry hat head, LOL!  I didn't ask him to do that either, but as soon as that thing went on his head, the camera came out :D  I do enjoy his visits, LOL!


  1. Love the sharks Sandra!

    Are you sure your son isn't moonlighting as a clown, he is a natural :)

  2. I am NOT telling Brian about this beer break when shoveling idea. I will, however, have to get that book. Kiefer's gf is teaching four-year-olds this year. They should love it!

    It's a good thing I don't live near you. I fear I would be sorely tempted to sabotage your sewing machine. You're making me feel like such a slouch this year!

  3. So tell me, do you have a barn out back where you put all the stuff you make til you gift it? Holy cow you've made so much, Sandra, you make me ashamed to call myself a quilter! I'm cracking up over the pics of your son - especially his strawberry "hat" - that is a hoot!!!

  4. Yes, always good if some sewing is done each done. Sadly, none for me today. Your son is a scream!!! Wonderful that he comes around to visit so often.

  5. I'm not sure which photo is funnier, the one in the long johns or with the strawberry "hat"! If only you could have combined the two! Doesn't he realise you're saving all these photos to show his future wife and kids? Love the sharkies, so well made!

  6. The sharkies are so lovely ! I really have to make them too, one day ! What a funny picture of your son with the strawberry hat !
    And hohoho, there's already a lot of snow over there ! Curious if we'll see some here this year ;-)


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