Tuesday, December 16, 2014

LOL don't trust shrink plastic ... or at least ... have extra! ;)

These were cut at the same time (with a 2" hexie template), and put in the oven at the same time. 

After 6 minutes in the oven, Nelly was done (it needed a TINY bit of a flattening out) but Nikki - aiaiyaiyaiyaiyaiYAI!!!

They're supposed to be finished in under 3 minutes, and they're supposed to flatten themselves.  Apparently that's not a given :D  Will redo Nikki and cross my fingers, lol!
Post edit!  Finally I got it right - I preheated the toaster oven for 5 minutes with the baking tile (covered with tin foil) inside - when I put this one in it was finished in 40 seconds, start to finish!  Hopefully I'll remember this with the next one, lol!


  1. put it back in the oven, it just needs a bit more time. You can see that some areas are sort of stretched which shows it's not finished.

  2. Isn't that weird Sandra! I had problems with shrink plastic doing something similar but I thought that it was because I had put the plastic in the fan oven!

  3. This is good to know! As soon as I find my shrinky dinks, I'll be giving this a try :)

  4. Oh, I'm sure I'd start a fire!!! Well done on getting both finished successfully.


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