Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Makers! #17 ... and a reveal for Nurdan :D

First up, the project I started today for Monday Makers! #17 - this is a pattern I recently bought :)  The pattern designer blogged about it here and the pattern is for sale here (NAYY!) :)  Hopefully it'll be pretty ... in pink ;)

Here you go, Nurdan - my completion from MM#16 - two strawberry bags for my little neighbour girls :)  They measure about 11.5" wide x 12" tall.  Pretty much the only change I made in the tutorial, was to quilt the outside of the bags.  Next time around I'm going to add "strawberry seed" seed beads in the quilting intersections.  I'll also add a pocket or two inside, and will make the strap length adjustable :)  The pattern itself is really simple - I think my little neighbours are going to LOVE it (especially since I have goodies to tuck inside) :)  I did a sneak reveal in my last post without letting on that it was a reveal - did you notice? ;)

Drawstring gift bag - 14" x 18" :)
One last photo - a drawstring bag (14" x 18") I whipped up to wrap a gift for a friend - oh how I love that bird fabric from Fabricland, but alas, they haven't sold it in years!  I check every year but no luck!  

Tomorrow - I work on my 2 in 1 pouch - wish me luck :)

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  1. Those strawberry pouches are adorable Sandra!!!! I want one too! LOL

  2. The strawberry bags are ADORABLE!!! Did you make them the same size as the tutorial?

  3. I love those strawberry hats, your sons are going to love them!

    What does NAYY stand for?

  4. Sandra those bags are so cute! They will be over the moon! Well done!

  5. Oooh! I have that 2 in 1 pouch pattern, too, and have my fabrics all picked out, just haven't had the time to get to it yet… Can't wait to see how yours comes together!

  6. Sandra thank you for linking up to Ho Ho Ho And On We Sew. Your strawberry bags are beautiful. Marie x (


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