Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Makers! #15 :)

I'm always happy to start new projects, so here we have the beginnings of 4 more chocolate wrappers (top row), and 2 quilted zipper pouches.   I think I'm going to add beads to the zipper bags - maybe use them for the eyes ... or ???  Just a few, for fun.  All of these items will be Christmas gifts :)

I did get last week's starts finished - most of them, anyways!  Of the 9 drawstring gift bags I prepped, I have one blue one to finish and the other 8 are done - I just need to get a picture :)  

How's everybody doing with their Christmas prep?  Already finished ... on schedule ... behind schedule ... never-gonna-finish-in-this-lifetime schedule?  I still have a few things to do to get ready for the big day:
* gift sewing and wrapping is almost done, and a few "side items" need to be purchased (i.e. lottery tickets)
* haven't started cards or baking
* tree isn't up, but both kids will be here Wednesday night so I'll get them to put it up for me, and to bring up the decorations 
When I'm finished all that I get to relax and start working on the Toronto Maple Leafs quilt for DS1 for his birthday next month :D

Posting to Monday Makers! #15 :)


  1. Baking on top of sewing!!! You need a rest after all the Christmas sewing.

  2. Well......the tree is up. That's because it's a new one that comes in three pieces with the lights on it. If only my sewing was that easy. Today is a sewing day, though. Hope to knock out a good bit today although I'll NEVER catch up with you!

  3. I made all my Christmas cards (then had a panic today when I realised I haven't sent the one to Australia yet), but then I only make a handful for relatives and close friends. I'm not making any gifts this year, it's too stressful and with my health so fragile I daren't even consider it. Maybe next year. We don't tend to put our trees up in the UK so early, so I'm not even behind with that yet! Planning on putting it up at the weekend. I'm actually feeling quite Christmassy already this year!

  4. I was wondering what you've started this week - more lovely gifts! We are going to have to start calling you Mrs Claus! I think I can safely say you were more ready for Christmas in June than I am now! x


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