Saturday, December 6, 2014

Beaming :)

My doorbell rang today, and when I answered it, I found my little neighbour girls standing there with cards and gifts in hand ... for ME! Mom was lurking out at the end of the yard :D These are the cards they made me (the little one is about 3 or 4, and the older one is about 6 :D I make them little gifties sometimes - it's so much fun sewing for little girls!

This is from the 3 year old :D

These are the front and back covers of the card from the older one ...

and this is the inside.  IT MADE ME CRY!!!  :)  Please note that I don't actually make them anything from yarn - it's always fabric, LOL.  But if she wants to call it yarne - then yarne it is!!!!!  :)
Mom told me that the older girl came up with the idea to make me a Christmas gift, on her own!  They also brought me a handmade (with help, I'm sure :D) snowflake and a tin of candy - it was beyond sweet :)  I've got Christmas gifts almost finished for them - one bag is done and the other one is cut out - they're girly girls so I'm pretty sure they're going to be very happy :)  Will post pics when both are done - this is the tutorial I used ;)


  1. Merry Christmast! What lovely cards from two sweet girls :), I can see why you are beaming!!

  2. They are the most adorable cards. When we give gifts we do it because it gives us pleasure to make someone else happy but it's always so nice when they make something special like this in return.

  3. No wonder you cried. That is just so sweet and thoughtful. Can almost guarantee the girls' mum appreciates handmade.

  4. So very sweet! I have some neighbor girls and I'm always thinking I should make them something, but never seem to get to it…

  5. Nothing better than home-made cards from kids. Love their inventive spelling, too!

  6. How lovely to be so much appreciated. Those cards are adorable :D


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