Thursday, December 4, 2014

Look what I caught - haha!

I was working on some bags tonight that I want to make for Christmas gifts.  I decided to do some random wavy line quilting on the fabrics before adding some beads.  Because I did the quilting in white thread, though, I'm not sure I'll be able to photograph it properly, so I took these pictures to see if I could capture how it looks.  I caught something alright - see picture #3, lol!

Bag 1 - wrong side (front and back)

Bag 1 - right side (front and back)

Bag 2 - wrong side - front and back
Bag 2 - right side - front and back 
HAHA as you can see I caught a piece of (lining) fabric while I was quilting the second bag ... and didn't notice!  I'm leaving it in - it's funny :D   I brought the pieces upstairs to add some gold beads for bling - will work on this tomorrow when there's some better light to see by :)  Sorry about the range of background colours -- dark winter night, basement sewing room, unskilled photographer - it's a recipe for non-professional pics :D


  1. Beautiful Christmas owl fabric!!! No one's going to see the extra piece if you're lining the bags.

  2. You are not alone Sandra, I managed to catchy skirt in my embroidery the other day :)

  3. LOLLLLL now that's something I haven't done yet.


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