Saturday, September 8, 2012

iLearned - a lesson about scale :D

The lesson is - don't do this.  HA!!!  It looks WORSE in person - trust me!  I used a 3.5" flex frame but made the bag way a couple of inches wider, and that just doesn't work right.  I'll see if I can remove the flex frame and use a larger one :)

 Book tote - pattern by City House Studio (bought on Etsy) :)  Here's the front ...

... and here's the back :)  The tote is a Christmas gift, and will have some goodies tucked inside :D
 Simple "use up the last of this fabric" tote for Blue Hills :)

Here are a couple of zipper bag finishes - the bag on the right, made from construction fabric, will be tucked into the READ library tote as part of the gift :)

FABRIC AIRPLANES!!!  Can you imagine, lol - aren't these a hoot?  And so very easy to make!  These will be tucked inside the READ book tote too, as part of the gift!  I pinned this a while ago, and finally got around to doing it - tutorial here :) 

ETA:  The blogger and designer of the fabric airplanes dropped by to comment - hey Jen - thanks for the great idea and the tutorial - you ROCK! 


  1. LOLLL Never mind you can't get it right all the time. Love that book tote, great way to use up scraps. Did you use denim, I have plenty of that.
    Never seen fabric planes before, so cute.

  2. Hm. it looks a bit like me, thin on the top (my neck) and fat on the bottom (the rest of me!). The other projects though are a complete success, the READ tote is fab!

  3. I don't think your bag looks that bad despite what you think about scale :) It's chocolate, looks great to me!!!!! :D
    Do the cloth airplanes actually fly? Can you share pattern so I can make one for Miles?
    Hugs, Mickie

  4. Love that book bag! Might have to buy that pattern and make one for my grandson to take to the library. And I'm lovin the airplanes. Do they fly? Have a great day!!!!

  5. The "read" tote is cool! And those fabric airplanes are such fun.

  6. It looks great to me! Love that book bag, too. I have a ton of that fabric you used up. It's one of those I keep saving. Never got those zipper bags done for my trip:-( trip for sure...maybe.

  7. Oops - yep, a bit small at the top. I LOVE the read bag, and all the others, including the airplanes!

  8. Sandra the airplanes turned out sew cute;) Thanks you for sharing them with me I love seeing my ides take flight. Haa haa haa


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