Friday, September 14, 2012

The bat that morphed into a penguin :D

 The bat bag that is not, is now finished :)  I'm not very happy with the finishing techniques in the book - nothing is lined, and there are many raw edges.  The projects were designed to be quick and easy, so something had to give.  I'll be making modifications to any further projects - I really don't like such "rustic" completions.  I'm sure kids won't mind, but I do!

Check out his little feeties --- I added a bit of stuffing to his wing/fins, nose and feet - to make them cuter :)

A few more finishes - bird and flower boxy bags for Blue Hills ...
Canada boxy bags, also for Blue Hills ...
and some tall pouches.  I'm putting these in my gift box and will make name tag zipper pulls (Shrinky Dink!) when I gift them :)

Construction notes: here's a tutorial with instructions on how to line a round bottom drawstring bag - the Lucy-proof bag - I love that kitty! :D


  1. he looks great with his padding! Love the new blog look by the way!

  2. Nice to see you back in full swing. He looks so cute from here and I love your pouches.

  3. Oh he is cute, love what you did with the extra padding. I don't like raw edges either - partly why I don't make anything except quilts, lol.

  4. Yeah, I don't like raw edges either. Is it too late to run the edges through the serger? In any case, he sure is cute.

  5. The penguin bag is awesome, Sandra!!! The lucky child who receives this will LOVE him!!! They won't care about finishes, but I'm with you.


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