Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm definitely getting back in the swing of things :)

Rainbow zipper bag - lined with red gingham - very kicky!  This was a project I had pinned, and finally got around to making last month :D

 Here are a couple of zipper bags I made using some pretty bird fabric that was gifted to me by Deb in Arizona - thanks Deb! 
And - last but not least, a tote bag set I finished today - I made the 2 zippies a while ago, and finally got the simple tote made today :)  All of the items in this post are going to Blue Hills :)


  1. Blue Hills are so luck to have you. Love everything you've made especially the tote bag set. Great work.

  2. LOVE the bird pouches... gorgeous fabric!!!

  3. The only thing I miss on vacation is my sewing room! Pouches are first on my list when I get home. I can't find a thing in my big bags.

  4. The young people at Bill Hills are going to love receiving these new things. They are all so pretty!

  5. I was tired when I came here, and now I'm even more tired, lol! Love it all, you wizard of productivity!

  6. I have to respond to your email here cuz, while I can get email on vacation, I can't send it. I am seriously thinking of sending Tilly to your husband and having him throw her in your general direction! I swear that I will sew those pouches as soon as I arrive home--before I so much as unpack. What would I do without your constant "encouragement" to get that sewing done?

    I've been reduced to hand sewing here only because I assume that sand would wreak havoc with a sewing machine. Maybe I should try it, though. If only I could find an electric cord that would reach out to the beach. Would that not be a sight to behold while walking down the beach?


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