Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bats in my belfry :D

 Here's a little (6.5" tall x 12.5" wide) bat stuffy I made for *someone who shall remain nameless until the parcel arrives* :D

Construction notes:  I enlarged the pattern by 50% (original was too small for my cranky fingers), and added batting to the wings to make it stuffier :)

 I've already posted the basket and mentioned who it's for, but no sleuthing allowed.  Here's part of the little package I sent off today ;)  Batty fits nicely into the basket, lol.
Here we have the belfry part - I wasn't paying attention when I made this bag and put the zipper on the wrong end of the fabric.  OOPS!  Will do better next time - I want to make a few little zipper bags for the neighbours kids who will be coming by on Halloween night :)


  1. So, once again, it turns out that bigger IS better. I KNEW it!

    I wouldn't have know the zipper was on the wrong side--looks great to me.

  2. I want to bit your fabric, great bat and bag.

  3. Very cute bat stuffy. The fabric in the bag is the feature. I love the corn. What's with corn and Halloween? I thought it was pumpkins.

  4. What a cute bat softie. He who shall remained unnamed is going to love it.

    And the neighbour kids are going to love those Halloween cases.

  5. oh what a cute bat! Despite the problems you had sewing him up.... the fabric is so cute!


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