Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BOO!! In plenty of time to trick or treat!

 Here's a little gifty I completed for g-nephew Lleyton --- it's a trick or treat basket for his first Halloween, LOL.  He'll be 10 months old so he won't be getting candy, but I bet he'll be getting other kind of goodies :D  I combined two patterns to make this --- the patchwork aspect is from Pink Penguin's fabric basket, and the sizing/design is from Pam @ Threading my Way :) Finished size = 3.5" deep x 7.5" wide x 5.5" tall.  The top could be folded over instead of using handles (see Pam's project) - it's a great size :)

Here's a close-up of the Shrinky Dink name tag I added to the bag, just so everyone will be clear whose bag this is, LOL!!

My construction notes:
- patchwork = 2.5" x 4" strips (6 each of 2 prints)
- centre piece = 11 3/8" x 8 1/2" (rough cut to 12 x 9, then trim down to size)
- 3/8" seam allowances, but 1/2" at top to close the opening (I like to leave the turning RSO opening on the top edge instead of in the bottom or a side of the lining)
- 2 straps @ 3.5" x 9"
- cut boxes 1.5" from seam


  1. I think you're...I mean LLeyton's gonna look adorable with that bag. We know YOU would never dress up and try to scam the neighbors for candy! I, on the other hand, would. I figure a ghost costume will give good coverage. With running shoes, I should be able to cover several neighborhoods before the curfew kicks in.

  2. Beautiful. Love the colours and the heart. I've been meaning to make some of these forever but just don't have the time. I need a helper.

  3. You have been making some really cute bags. Sorry i have not commented on each one. You are such a prolific bag lady. Makes me want to jump in and sew bags too ;)

  4. We've had parents with little ones that age come to our door on Halloween... so you never know... the bag might just get used for trick or treating this year. If not, next year for sure.

  5. That is too cute! And I LOVE your pleated pouches, and the owl bag and the shrinky dinky tags. You have been busy girl!

  6. how cute! What do you give as a treat to a baby??


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