Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jenn - no peeking! SHOO!

I wanted to make some fun Thanksgiving and Halloween bibs, so I decided to make "sets" for some babies and toddlers I know :D   I ended up doing 6 sets (each with a Thanksgiving and a Halloween bib) - here are the Halloween bibs ...

... and the Thanksgiving ones :)

Remember my recent badly-scaled flex frame failure?  I rejigged, and this one worked out much better :D  The rounded sides are due to the camera angle - the bag is a bit straighter than it appears, LOL.

The inside is completely finished, with no raw edges.  I was using scraps for this bag but was about an inch short for this to be the right size for an eyeglass case - I'm already working on one that's a little bit longer, but no wider :)


  1. The bibs are so cute and glad you sorted out the flex frame problem. Everything works out in the end.

  2. Bibs are always so appreciated and these are so colorful! Love them.

    Those flex frames intimidate me, but the idea of using one for eyeglasses is really appealing. I always have about six pairs of reading glasses floating around. Scratched lenses are always an issue. Well you've done it again. Something else to add to my list!

  3. Auntie Sandra is sure spoiling the little ones in her family. They are going to look adorable in those bibs.

  4. oh, great minds think alike... I've just finished making some bibs too!!
    well done on the pouch mark 2! I;m proud of you for not giving in!

  5. I'm only stalking you now; I didn't see these before ours arrived in the mail. As always, we love them :)


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