Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playing catchup :)

Last finishes for August :)

Some September finishes and projects to work on :)
I took took a bit of a blogging break - I did get some sewing done but didn't feel like getting the camera out to take pictures, lol.  The top picture is more bags I finished in August - all will be going to Blue Hills.  The bottom picture is some stuff I've been working on this month - several finishes, one project under construction, and one project I'm kitting to work on later.  Janine - the denim + cherry fabric + lace is for the bag I'm making like yours

Maria - did you get your sewing case finished?  ;)


  1. Hi Sandra. Nice to see you back again. I missed your blogging but at least you've been sewing and I can see some cut project coming up in September,
    like the one with two eyes. LOLL
    Yes my sewing case is finished and up on my blog. Off to start the next project. I'm doing pretty well, you must have sent some of your energy my way. LOL

  2. Love all your bags as always. I'm bound and determined to finish a set for my traveling next week. Right now--I'm covered in wallboard paste and paint, though! Don't you just hate it when "life" gets in the way of sewing?

  3. Your projects look great! I think we all like to take some time off in August---even if your idea is taking time from photographing! You sure are prolific sew girl! Hugs, Mick

  4. Great finishes for August!

    And I just had to go see the tote that you mentioned... how pretty! Can't wait to see your version.

    I also had to pop over and see what needle book was being worked on.


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