Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting my *oomph* back, I hope

I think things are starting to swing around, and the BLAHS are disappearing slowly.  I've been getting some sewing done, and have even started getting my energy back - I don't know what was going on but it was getting annoying! Must have something to do with being 50, LOL - that's my excuse, anyways!  ;) 

Here are a few little items I've managed to complete :)

Harlequin boxy bag - fabric from Deb!  The plaid zipper pull was a freebie from Zipit with a previous purchase (NAYY!) :)  This will go to Blue Hills.

Max the Owl - pattern from Gingercake (NAYY!) :)  This is a gift :)

Clara the Penguin - pattern from JuneandJuly (NAYY) :)  This is part of a Christmas gift ;)

Oh my - look at this button from Deb, lol!
The button certainly made a great embellishment for the tall pouch!  This is a gift :)


  1. Good to hear that the BLAHs have faded. Love the zip bags as always. Those softies are adorable.

  2. You do more in your down cycles than I do in my up ones! As always happens with your posts, I started with, "Oh, love that pouch. Gotta do that. Look at the owl. Need than." Well, you get the idea.

    The cat fabric is adorable. Can't believe you managed to have both the fabric and the perfect button to match. Perfection.

  3. oooh, such pretty things! Love that fabric on the boxy bag, it looks like patchwork. What does NAYY mean? Or were you doing an impression of a horse?

  4. No blahs allowed - chase 'em out, girl! Can't believe you get so much done during the blah's, lol. GREAT projects - love the owl! Laughing at the NAYY...

  5. Good to have you back sewing and blogging. That pouch is gorgeous. It looks like you've done the patchwork yourself. Love your other projects too but that owl is just delightful.


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