Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thanksgiving turkey :D

A certain little someone LLish will be celebrating his first Thanksgiving early next month - he obviously needs Thanksgiving bib and tucker to celebrate in :)

I already have the bib made, so here's the tucker!  I measured my neighbour's 13 month old lad to see how big to make the tie - thanks for being a good sport, Marco!!  And congratulations on learning to walk to mommy while I was there, woooooohoooooooo!!  YOU GO BOY!  :)


  1. How cute! Love those suspenders. Those loops would be great for loops would be great for hooking on a pacifier--must remember that one.

  2. That is SO cute, Sandra!!! I love it.

  3. Oh Sandra that is way too cute!!! And being there for a little boy's first steps - how special!

  4. how cute! I have no idea what a tucker is though, I thought it was Aussie for food??

  5. Oh that is just adorable! You sure are having fun sewing baby stuff.


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