Saturday, September 29, 2012

Corduroy and yoyos :)

Here's a quick little bag I completed the other day - it's from Pretty Little Purses and Pouches by Lark Books - it's called Yo Chica (what a dreadful name, lol) but I just call it the corduroy bag with the yoyos :D  It was easy, and quite fast to whip up! 


  1. Corduroy is one of my favourite fabrics. It should make a sturdy bag. Looks fabulous combined with the light blue lining and the yo yos.

  2. Loving that Corduroy Bag with Yo-Yos, such a catchy name!

  3. Sweet! I have a traveling yo-yo-making kit which means an abundance of yo-yos waiting for projects. Maybe I'll put some of that fabric basket you suggested for traveling, too!

  4. Yayyyyy a bag!!!! I love it. Those yoyo's are so cute and I adore those colours. So cool and refreshing. Is there anything that takes you ages to sew. LOLLLL

  5. That does look like it would be a quick project to complete. Those yoyos are sweet are it.


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